Welcome to our Grace Baptist Resources Page.

All of this has been made available to you from Grace Baptist Church so that you can learn more about the God that we love and worship.

  • You can download a sermon to hear the preaching of the Word
  • You can download and read a manuscript of the sermon for your own personal study
  • You can navigate to other like minded, glory of God focused churches that we partner with and make use of their resources as well
  • You can look at the many different links for Bible study, church history study, or just finding our more about the faith
  • You can even take the time to find new books that will help you know and enjoy the character of God as described in His Word
  • You can take a look at the Small group Bible curriculum that we both use and recommend to you. And we use and recommend curriculum for all ages that is Glory of God focused, Christ exalting, and Bible saturated.

But no matter how you use this resources page we pray that it is a blessing to you. Let us know if we were able to help you at all. And if you get a chance come and visit us and talk to us in person.

The congregation of Grace Baptist church looks forwward to seeing you soon.